Django >= 2.1: how to make a customized administration, the “clean” way

How to make easily an administration interface for the whole project

On versions of Django < 2.1, it was impossible to overload the administration “properly”.

  • Create a file at the root of your project (“at the root”, because it is “global” for the whole project)
  • Put that code:
    from django.contrib import admin
    class MyProjectAdminSite(admin.AdminSite):
        title_header = 'My project Admin'
        site_header = 'My project administration'

    Of course, change “MyProject” to the name of your project…
  • In, replace 'django.contrib.admin' by 'my_app.apps.MyAppAdminConfig',
  • In the file of your project, hence my_project/my_app/, declare the administration like this:
    from django.apps import AppConfig
    from django.contrib.admin.apps import AdminConfig
    class MyAppConfig(AppConfig):
        name = 'my_app'
    class MyAppAdminConfig(AdminConfig):
        default_site = 'admin.MyProjectAdminSite'

And… that’s it!

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